I started my shots this week. Not so bad so far. Sore and bruised at the injection site, but no big deal. Started with headaches. Not so bad Wednesday, but Friday night was wicked. With all the weather changes we’ve had, not 100% sure it’s the shots, but a definite possibility. My daughter is great with me doing them. She wants to be sure they don’t hurt, will grab band aids for me, wants to hold my hand. So cute. We really don’t make a big deal out of the shots either. She is just fascinated by all things medical.

This week has been very emotional for me. Reality sets in slowly, a little at a time it seems. Better than all at once. I feel like I am not so good at asking for a shoulder to lean on. Except for prayer. I always feel ok doing that. Funny how God is busiest of all, but I have no problems talking to Him. I keep thinking of the Footprints poem. Some days I look back and only see one set of prints, and I know they aren’t mine.