I can’t believe I am into week 5 of my shots. Just started the regular maintenance dose and boy are my headaches killer! As I get used to the medicine it should dissipate. Can’t wait for that.

Feel like I should be further along in dealing with all this, but I’m not. When one symptom starts to subside a bit, another gets worse. Like they take turns. “Hey, she’s had enough of the pain for a bit, lets give her more weakness instead! Yeah!” Ugh. I tell people my word recall is really bad. Their response? Oh me too! What is normal overstressed forgetting of words is not the same. I used to be like that too. Names, what did I come in the room for, etc. Yup, I had that all the time. I used to tell my grandmothers not to worry, I do it too. This is not the same. It scares me. It isn’t like a dementia thing or anything. I don’t forget things, I can’t figure out how to explain even the simplest of things.

The numbness on my face is wierd, but the least bothersome in some ways. It doesn’t hurt. Brain freeze only happens on the right  90% of the time, which amuses me.  The weakness I get on my left side I don’t like too much.  The fatigue is horrible. Times I can’t get up off the couch. I push thru a lot of it when I can, but mostly when it hits hard, not much to do. And MS fatigue is not like “oh I am tired and need a rest”. It’s like you just did 48hrs of hard physical labor and can’t move….yet you just got out of bed (regardless if you had a great night sleep) got washed, dressed and had breakfast. That’s it. Makes me feel so useless sometimes. I know I am not, just part of getting thru this mess that is MS.

 My hubby is great. He is trying to read my signs and do for me before I have to ask. Hard for us. I usually am the caretaker and don’t want to have to be cared for. He is usually the one with health issues to deal with. But we are making our way thru the MS mess.

Whole lotta mess to get thru. Learning more. Trying to eat different. Excercise regularly. Ask for help when I need it (not one I am good at but trying). See how it goes as time flies by….