Well I bought my first cane today. For balance. It is bronze, shiny, pretty (I guess). Wouldn’t have thought a year ago even that I would be needing one. And I won’t need it everyday (I hope). But some days are more off kilter than others. My 6-year-old daughter can knock me off-balance oh so easily. She is strong and some days I am just not! Can be very funny actually. Learning to laugh more about this stuff since it is just gonna be my life. I was talking to an old friend who I discovered also has MS. She said it well. Everyone has “something”; ours just happens to be this. It is the truth. Sometimes the truth is hard to deal with though. I feel like I am on a rollercoaster ride. The corkscrews are killer, let me tell ya. Just when you think the ride will come to a stop though, think again, cause WEEEEEEEE yup it starts all over.   3 months in (and many years) and I am not used to the ride. At least now I know what coaster I am on. That helps me ride it.