Physical touch is a human necessity. I’m not talking sexual intimacy. Just….holding your childs hand, or hugging an old friend. So it’s hard when a small childs hand, well, hurts you. Or the hug does. That happens to me. A lot.

I am told fibromyalgia mixed with the MS causes all kind of fun stuff. A lot crosses over between the two, etc. Al I know is it kinda really sucks.  I finally sneak a good long hug from the hubby in the kitchen, you where the 7-year-old DOESN’T come in saying “What about me?!” Rare. Great big hug and oy…and OW

I get severely bad pain in my hands and feet. My daughter is pretty good with my MS “stuff”. She has trouble grasping the pain part (she is only 7).   So it hurts more than physically when I go thru this. Sometimes I suck it up so I don’t hurt her feelings. Other times, I have to loosen her grip, gently remind her and hope for the best. Or when she attacks me with hugs. Oy and OW again!

It is hard with others. Many people don’t know how bad the pain is some days. It isn’t like I walk around with a sign saying “Sunny today, but the pain is sever. Try not to hug unless necessary folks!” or anything. I have found talking to others with MS (or even some other diseases for that matter)

     1) Don’t want to seem like we are complaining all the time (But still need to let them know how we are feeling so people know and can help)

     2) We don’t really want to ask for help (even though we need it)

Just another fun fact I guess. Yup, I take meds for it and they help. But there are bad days with the good (like writing a blog that comes to mind and won’t leave at 2am!). So if I see you and don’t hug you…or don’t hug you tight…please don’t be offended.  And please don’t hug me tighter. Oy and OW!