So I am always up for new information. A lot of times something to help get me thru. God leads me to great things. So many tools in scripture when I take the time to look. Even things to help with getting thru my chronic illnesses. I find a lot of times it is thru prayer, my time with God gets me thru everything.

That being said, I have found online two things that help me explain to others how I feel, or what I have to go thru. (God didn’t specify a lot on MS and Fibromyalgia in the bible, so there is the internet to help with that). There are two links below. The first is ever-growing in popularity. It is The Spoon Theory (by Christine Miserandino). I am a spoonie!!! And I am SO not alone. We are all different, but so alike too. It is a great way to explain how fatigue (and pain, etc) effect everything we do as people with chronic illness.

The second I came across and LOVE just as much. An Open Letter to Those Without Invisible Disability or Chronic Illness by Jerry Salois Sr. MSgt USAF Ret. I like how in one part it describes the difference between HAPPY and HEALTHY. That is something I always struggled with (and still do). I almost feel guilty when I am happy. Did (does) being happy mean I feel fine? NO!! Why do I feel guilty? I don’t know. It’s almost like being happy negates how I physically feel but it doesn’t really. If I am happy I should feel great right? But it doesn’t make me feel great or even good physically. I still have pain, weakness, cognitive issues……it doesn’t just stop. LIFE doesn’t just stop. This so hit the nail on the head for me. I have the right to be happy even if my hands don’t do what I want them to or I can’t think of the word chair when I tell my 7-year-old to sit on the…… (yeah that thing ya know?).

Tools like these are immeasurable. Online tools. Biblical tools. God has given me everything I need. You just need to use all the tools He gives!