Summertime. Kids are out of school. The PERFECT time to do fun things with my daughter and mother who is retired and can this summer. Awesome, right?! Yeah, warm (hot and humid in the northeast thanks) days, ummmm not so great. The humidity is killer on my lungs (yup asthma rocks!) and the heat just does not help the MS symptoms. I have already had to cancel a day trip to Philly recovering from one night away with my mom & daughter. Walking a lot alone does me in good, add the heat and whammo! Done.

Just as I start to think I am figuring out how to pace myself, the weather change throws me for a loop. Going in the pool is great. The cool water keeps my bodytemp comfy. I can swim with less pain and all that. Downside,I am usually in the sun to do this. And the fatigue and pain that comes after is my version of a really bad hangover.

So wish me luck! The balancing act continues….