A few months ago I started kickboxing class. I absolutely loved it! I was so exhausted afterwards I couldn’t do anything but sleep. I wondered “Can I really do this?” After the first few classes I could come home and not pass out for hours right away. I finally found exercise that I liked and wanted to do. I was able to make modifications so I could keep up. My balance was off but I pushed thru. When I had my time of energy (loosely using that word!) it lasted longer before I had to take my nap. I was proud of me!

And then my hips started hurting. I couldn’t do the roundhouse kicks. Ok. No problem. More modifications for me. Keep pushing. Until I hurt so bad I had to stop. I went to the doctor and had x-rays done. Follow up with an ortho, they may want an MRI. So can’t do the class anymore. Sigh.

Why is it just when you think things are gonna go a certain way…..they don’t? I am not so good at motivating myself. I get bored with exercise equipment (but may end up back to doing that). It seems there is always some kind of health issue getting in my way! It is very frustrating. At first I felt very let down. Sad to stop doing something so good for my body and mind. Now I have to find something else because not exercising at this point is not an option. It is such a hurdle for me. My pain is always present as is my fatigue, just worse on any given day. So a gym does work for that I suppose. I just have to get myself back on the horse. First I have to find the horse.

I know God has a plan for me. I only need to open myself up to let Him work in me. I will open up for it. However, I am an impatient human being. Aren’t we all?