Do insurance companies really think when we switch to them that patients need to start their treatments over? I just switched (the insurance is thru my husband) the beginning of the month. One of my meds needs to be pre-authorized. Fine. The doctor sent in the request. It was denied. I have been on it for 2 ½ years! It was just increased and found the new dosage very helpful (for once). The insurance company thinks I should try something else (because it’s cheaper). Excuse me, tried others, bad side effects, I’m not going there again when THIS HELPS!!

The stress of this event was enourmous to me. To struggle with a chronic condition, finally start getting some relief to be faced with this. OY! After much back and forth the doctor got it approved. Thank you God! I really tried to just turn it over to God, let it get worked out. Of course this was AFTER I got uber stressed and upset. Let me tell you this does not help. Stress like that makes my pain, fatigue, and my cognative abilities all worse. I get anxious and moody. My husband luckily is starting to see the signs when I get like this so he knows not to take it personally! He just lets me vent.

So now I have to reduce my stress…..uh huh. Easier said than done. I have found prayer a very good stress reliever though. Giving all the stressors over to the Lord and talking to Him keeps me calm.
That’s my rant and advice for today!

Thanks for listening.