Ugh. I just feel ugh. Have too many things to take care of and my mind starts to cave inward or something. It is just so hard to explain. I very quickly feel overwhelmed then anxious. I can’t keep track of things that are to others simple. Multi-tasking is out the door these days. For example, I was filling out a form for my grandmom and a man said “Oh I was gonna start a conversation with you, but your busy”. I told him “I can do both, I just can’t guarantee the outcome!” True to form, I started filling the form out in my name. Duh. It just isn’t working right now.

Since I was sick with bronchitis (and cared for my daughter who had strep followed by bronchitis) in October, my body is not quick to jump back to my “normal”. And my normal would not be a fun feeling for the average person. I don’t look it, but I am SO fatigued and in a lot of pain most of the time. My symptoms haven’t been better which is frustrating to me. They started to level off to tolerable if I planned my day right. Now forget it. Thank you immunosuppresant drugs. So I feel just ugh.

So many with invisible diseases can relate I am sure. How many of us wish we could just make our family or friends get it? Some do. I understand not remembering all the time. Unfortunatley I can’t forget. Just typing this is painful. Though therapuetic to get it out. Thanks for listening. It’s nap time now.