Well my social security worked out for me. I found inaccurate records with my doctor and wrote many letters, including those letters to social security. I placed my faith in God to work thru the situation, leaving me to do the parts I had to. I don’t even know if my newer records with my letters even did anything, because it was only a couple days later that the letter came telling me I was still disabled (I knew I was, but nice to know they did too). Praise the Lord!!!

So all is well right? Well, no. I went to my neurologist to go over this entire mess during my regular appointment. Guess what? He didn’t know what had happened. AND….. this was his last day seeing patients at the practice!! I was an emotional wreck. Trying to wrap my head around it. He was the only one I wanted to see at the practice. The doctor I had seen the previous month I was not planning on seeing again. This visit was going to determine (to me) if I was going to look somewhere else. Here I thought it was going to happen for my reasons while he was still there. NOPE! SLAM!! Surprise!! My appointment lasted near an hour.

When you put so much of yourself on the line, trusting your doctor to care for you, as patients we are vulnerable. There are things we can do to empower ourselves. We can do our best to keep healthy (excersise, eating right, being as proactive as possible on our diseases), but our lives and treatments are in there hands. We go to THEM for their knowledge. I like when a doctor listens, and keeps an OPEN mind on what options are out there. My doctor did that. I figured this catastrophe was a bump in the road for us. It was devastating to know that wasn’t the case, and I had no choice in this matter.

I am still going to see a city doctor. Now I have to look into a new local one. One that fits my expectations.

For anyone that has gone thru this, kudos to you. I think it stinks. I know doctors are people too, and have to do what is best for thier lives. I don’t want a miserable doctor who doesn’t want to be there for his patients. I just hate the feeling of abandonment.

One more thing to put in Gods hands.