Ever feel like your going nowhere fast? That is where I’m at right now. Been on the highway, not able to move forward at all. Then, when you can’t take it anymore, you move! About 10 feet. At least you moved right?

I was at my last neurologist appointment, going over test results. Guess what? Abnormal results!!!! This was so exciting! My husband and I left the appointment feeling like we are getting SOMEWHERE! Most of the time I left in tears, no new answers. I finally am moving that 10 feet. Up until now, the only other test that showed abnormality was one that showed my optic nerve thinning. My MRI’s show one lesion, but I have a LOT of symptoms. Doctor is stumped. So to have one more thing to go off of is exciting to me.

This journey is looonnnggg, and it is hard most of the time. I try to inch forward when I can without bumping someone out-of-the-way. Good thing my co-pilot is God. He knows the way.